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Innovative Cyber Security

Our strengths lie in our ability to know how real-world adversaries think and act. We understand how they think, how they might move through a system, and we can counter it as a result.

Our consultants are able to identify potential weaknesses not previously discovered by other teams. We are able to identify certain exploits that may only occur when certain vulnerabilities are chained together.

Our team has years of experience across various avenues in cybersecurity, contributing to the wider community and bringing previously unknown exploits to the collective knowledge base.

Every Step Of The Way

We know our clients may come to us with information that could be damaging or even system-breaking to their day-to-day operations.

We take every step to maintain confidentiality and information sharing is never seen beyond those involved with the assessment.

We use only vetted and approved lines of communication and testing to ensure nothing goes beyond the business, and that no one even knows it’s happening.

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Trusted and used by the experts

We are one of a select few companies in the country to receive CREST Certification, Trusted Partner Status with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, and certified by the NCSC to assess as part of their Cyber Essentials scheme, as well as offering IASME Governance assessments, a cost-effective but equally-thorough alternative to ISO27001.

We have worked with everyone from local and national government bodies, private enterprise, charities, community initiatives, and even small or micro businesses, to help them understand where they need to concentrate their efforts against the risks and challenges of the modern era.

The 21st Century requires your infrastructure to be ready against any and all threats.

We can get you there.

Cyber Essentials

Have your business analyzed and remediated to the minimum standards recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre, the government’s leading authority on cyber security.

IASME Maritime Cyber Baseline

Supported by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, this is a practical yet affordable way to ensure your vessels and shipping operations don’t fall foul to cyber attacks from malicious groups.

IASME Governance

An alternative to the ISO27001 standard, this audit service looks at your current infrastructure in detail, ensuring you meet the standards made mandatory under such regulations as the GDPR and beyond, and tells your clients you take their information and data seriously as possible.

CREST - Accredited Penetration Testing

Receive a world-class level of testing across everything from web apps to the internal structure of your IT systems. Our team of testers has 20+ years of experience, with a history of working for organizations of all sizes in the private, public, and defense sectors.